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Wings In Motion – Cyclicity


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Genre: Modern Melodic Death
Country: Greece
Label: Another Side Records (division of Metal Scrap Records)
Year: 2014

Wings In Motion is a modern melodic death metal band formed in 2008 in Greece. After several line-up changes the band now consists of Andre Boutos on vocals, Tasos Asonitis and Alex Lappas on the guitars, Constantine on the keyboards, George Constantinou on the bass, and Defkalion on the drums. They recently supported Dark Tranquillity during their shows in Thessaloniki and Athens. The band is slowly trying to make a name outside of Greece too. Maybe the release of their first full length album will help them in their effort. The mastering took place at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden) by Tony Lindgren (Paradise Lost, Kreator, Enslaved, Katatonia).

After a modern keyboard intro the album starts off with “The Perfect Lines”. It gives you a good feeling of Wings in Motion’s basic sound. Boutos switches easily between clean, screams and growls. Beside the outstanding guitar riffs  by Asonitis and Lappas, the music is dominated by Constantine’s keyboard melodies which range from industrial to symphonic. The next song, “Our Bleeding”, was already released as an official video.

While the melodic death metal roots are obvious, their music is characterized by catchy riffs and choruses, the occasional metalcore breakdown, and often backed up by synthesizer melodies. “Hydra’s Head” is a good example of this with one of those powerful breakdowns  in the second part of the song and strong overall presence of the keyboard. “Through the Shadows (I Rise)” was released as a second official video. On “Of My Demons” the keyboard is used for soundtrack like effects making the whole thing more epic. The last part of the track Boutos sings over a keyboard melody, interspersed with group shouts that would work well live. Pay attention to the technical bass lines by Constantinou on “In Absentia of Tomorrow” and “One Moment To Lose It All”. They really have the chance to stand out during some points in the song. The album closes with “Distances” where Boutos gets assisted by a female vocalist. After doing some googling I suspect this must be the lovely Vicky Psarakis, the new singer for The Agonist after Alissa White-Gluz’s departure to Arch Enemy.

Wings In Motion deliver a strong debut album for fans of modern melodic death metal. Their music reminds me of bands such as Degradead, Mutiny Within, Amaranthe, Sonic  Syndicate and the newer In Flames. People who cannot stand too much keyboard or catchy melodies in metal might dislike this band, but I recommend checking out some of their songs anyway. Some of the tracks on this album reach a higher level than the latest efforts of aforementioned bands.

Listen to more songs on the label’s bandcamp and buy the album in the store.

Website: www.wingsinmotionband.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wingsinmotion

Youtube: www.youtube.com/wingsinmotion

Myspace: www.myspace.com/wingsinmotion

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wingsinmotion

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