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Wintersun – The Forest Seasons


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Genre: Symphonic Melodic Death
Country: Finland
Label:Nuclear Blast
Year: 2017

It’s only been five years since the release of their previous album “Time I”, something the fans have not been used to, considering that there had been eight years from their debut to their second release. Wintersun are finally back after being through a lot, to finally launch “The Forest Seasons” in 21 of July. This album has been controversial since the beginning. The band launched a crowdfunding campaign for the album in Spring, something that caused a great division amongst the fans and made many turn against Jari. Whoever was in hurry to criticize it and them, regretted it afterwards.

Deeply influenced by the Four Seasons of Vivaldi, the “Forest Seasons” include 4 tracks with an average last of 15 minutes each, just as we are used to. Each piece refers to the 4 seasons. Starting with the springly Awaken From The Dark Slumber, we notice classic vocal alterinations, from clean to growls, lengthy symphonic parts and paradoxically less progressive elements than Time I and their self titled debut. Mournfully disturbed lyrics, meaningfully referring to Finnish frozen forests, especially Loneliness, which refers to Winter. In short, each piece captures the atmosphere of each season in the best possible way, creating beautiful images in the minds of the listeners, as well as many, many tears in the avid fans’ eyes.

I can not understand why this release is considered as controversial. Eliminating the so-called progressive element only works in a positive way for bands such Wintersun . With such long tracks, the progressive element is tiring and definitely does not make the best of the situation. As a matter of fact, it’s an immaculate release, but it does not go beyond Time I. With Forest Seasons, I can’t help but count days to their lives in Greece.


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