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Witherscape – The New Tomorrow EP


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Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media
Year: 2014

Witherscape is another one of the endless projects formed by the inexhaustible Dan Swanö, for whom I need not write something more. The duet (alongside with guitarist/bassist Ragnar Widerberg) released last year their debut album “The Inheritance”, which was critically acclaimed. This album is the closest the Swede ever made to the, yet classic, “Moontower”, meaning a mixture of progressive music with influences from 80’s and some growling vocals here and there. “The New Tomorrow” is intended to keep company to the band’s fans, till the next full-length arrives, something that will happen sometime in 2015.

The EP contains of one new song, “The New Tomorrow”, the continuation of the first album’s song “Dead for a Day” named “Dead for Another Day” and three covers originated in Swanö’s beloved 80’s (Defenders of Creation/Warrior, A World Without Heroes/Kiss, Out In The Cold/Judas Priest). Their own songs maintain the same style as in the previous LP, with the vocal range and the song complexity being once more quite impressive. The covers unveil Swanö’s love for these bands, which were definite influences for Witherscape, together with Rush, Marillion and Queensryche most certainly. Without noticing any changes in the compositions, still the band’s personal style and sound leaves its mark on the covers.

Full of quality is once more Swanö & Widerberg’s release and it will please, imo their fans, until the band’s next full-length comes to life.


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