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Wizardthrone: ‘Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland’ lyric video


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Wizardthrone, the symphonic, melodic death metal supergroup, is going to release the debut album ‘Hypercube Necrodimensions’, on July 16th via Napalm Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.

1. Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics
2. Frozen Winds of Thyraxia
3. Incantation of the Red Order
4. Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland
5. The Coalescence of Nine Stars in the System Once Known as Markarian-231
6. Of Tesseractual Gateways and the Grand Duplicity of Xhul
7. Hypercube Necrodimensions
8. Beyond the Wizardthrone (Cryptopharmalogical Revelations of the Riemann Zeta Function)

Wizardthrone is a supergroup that consists of V. Morbistopheles Jones (Æther Realm) – Vocals, bass, M. Archistrategos Barber (Gloryhammer) – Guitars, M. Xaviculus Bell (Forlorn Citadel) – Guitars, C. Hyperiax Bowes (Alestorm) – Synthesizers and E. Wizardthrone Brown (Nekrogoblikon, Vale Of Pnath) – Drums. The group presents the lyric video for the song ‘Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland’:

In case you’ve missed it, watch the music video for ‘Frozen Winds of Thyraxia’:

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