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Wolves in The Throne Roοm: Debut new song


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Black metallers Wolves in The Throne Roοm released a new song entitled ‘Born from the Serpent’s Eye’, taken from their forthcoming new album Thrice Woven, due out on August 23rd on Wolves in the Throne Room’s own label, Artemisia.  More information coming soon.

Thrice Woven, track listing:
1.  Born from the Serpent’s Eye
2.  The Old Ones Are With Us
3.  Angrboda
4.  Mother Owl, Father Ocean
5.  Fires Roar in the Palace of the Moon

Wolves in the Throne Room commissioned Russian painter and occultist Denis Forkas Kostromitin for this piece of art. It depicts the binding of Fenrir, the beast who would destroy the world.


Nikos Tsiolis
Nikos Tsiolis
Blood Fire Death

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