Wrathblade – God of the Deep Unleashed


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Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Label: Eat Metal Records
Country: Ελλάδα
Year: 2017

In Greek mythology, Τitanomachy (Τitan wars) was the war between Titans and Olympian Gods.

The Titans that fought were guided by Cronos and in his classes were: Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetus and Atlas. Olympians were guided by Zeus and with him fought: Hestia, Demeter, Helios, Hera, Hades/Pluto, Poseidon, Hecatoncheires, Giants and Cyclops.

After winning a ten-year war, Olympians shared the spoils giving Zeus the power to rule the air and sky, Poseidon ruled the seven seas, while Hades ruled the Underworld. The earth was commonly dominated by all Gods. Then, placed all Titans in the Hell of Tartarus.

Wrathblade, like new Olympian Gods, have to fight the Titans of Heavy Metal, those who nurtured us and turned us into men all those years. They owe it to the underappreciated Greek music scene. They owe it to their last masterpiece and sophomore album “God of the Deep Unleashed”. You know what in the end, they owe it to themselves. I know I am exaggerating by saying that the band members are in the same place that Zeus and Poseidon were, or Atlas and Hyperion in the name of a band that built the Heavy Metal structure worldwide. We’re talking about Art, not war. Symbolically, Wrathblade fight for universal recognition. They do not intend to kill anyone, not even the Fathers of the music we love, nor share the spoils giving …Varathron (one of my favorite Greek bands) by Hades. Honestly though, they created something that belongs to the “elite” apart from genres and origin. It isn’t a top album for Greece. It’s in the top. The riffs, the atmosphere and the overflowing epicness, the way each band member performs and and above all the songs belong at the highest level. Closing on a more cliche note, this band sets a corner stone for the Greek scene but not only.

Can you imagine Wrathblade closing Manilla Road in the Hell of Tartarus?

Kannibalizing The Astral Plane
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