Genre: Thrash/Crossover/Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: War Records
Year: 2019

Well I hope we don’t need any face app application to see who will be the new Slayer or the new metal messiah (‘cause we don’t need any), but releases like “At the Walls” makes the summer of 2019 a bit hotter…damn thrash metal the sub genre that ruled the extreme world before thirty years is ready to take on again with a new generation of bands that promise to break your necks. Enforced are from Virginia and if god still hates us all, these hall raisers along with High Command, Judiciary, Dead Heat and the mighty Power Trip (a step ahead from all these bands) will dominate the world stages in the very next future. As their press release claims their sound starts “where Sepultura and Cro-Mags stopped”. And further more I would add. Slayer are their main influence and their songs are well crafted and blend hardcore screams in the veins of Integrity and Cro-Mags, shredding solos, groovy and chugging riffs and powerful and violently drumming that smashes your ears. In 26 minutes there’s all the intense and energy that you need to feel the anger and hate of the modern society. The future is here…