Formed initially as an one man project band by frontman Olof Wikstrand in 2004, in the city of Arvika in Sweden, Enforcer had released two demos in 2005, “Enforcer” and “Mistress From Hell”. Two years later, the band was joined by Olof’s brother, Jonas (drums) and Joseph Tholl (bass/guitar) (also in VOJD/ Black Trip) and Enforcer released an official single “Evil Attacker/Mistress From Hell” as a 7”, out through Iron Pegasus Records.

Before the release of their first album “Into The Night” in 2008 through Heavy Artillery records, Enforcer were part of two compilations “Speed kills…again” and “New Age of Iron: Teutonic-Swedish Alliance”, where the track “Speed Queen” appreared for the first time. Since the band was already complete with the addition of Adam Zaars as the guitarist, Enforcer launched their debut and the fury was unleashed, causing a great impression to the oldschool metal fans. Raw, filthy, violent and fast, a great starter. “Scream of The Savage” and “On the Loose” are some of their best live songs up to today. The band got on tour and two years later, a split was out called “Nightmare over the UK”, which featured the then-new track “Midnight Vice”, along with Cauldron’s “Chained Up In Chains”, released during the Enforcer/Cauldron/Invasion tour in spring 2010.

In May 2010, Enforcer released their sophomore album “Diamonds”, which is frequently called a classic, almost nine years after its’ release. The revival of oldschool heavy metal had just started taking fans by storm with a decent amount of newcomers like Skull Fist, Cauldron, Axxion and “Diamonds” was highly praised by everyone. More melodic, yet of course NWOBHM orientated (with much less punk influences), under a more hard rocking veil. “Midnight Vice”, “High Roller”, “Live for The Night” are a great example of the entire album’s sound. A diamond indeed. Afterwards, another two split albums containing Enforcer appeared, this time with Volture, featuring the track “Take me To Hell” and Swedish Bullet, with “High Roller”, by Earache and Black Lodge Records respectively.

The band signed to Nuclear Blast records and in January 2013, a promotinal single for their upcoming album “Death By Fire” was released, called “Mesmerized By Fire”. The single also included a cover of Nagazaki’s “You Can Be”. “Death By Fire” is known for it’s amazing riffs, singalong choruses (“Take me Out of This Nightmare, “Death Rides This Night”) and all those amazing spices that pay tribute to the 80’s heavy metal gods. Seriously, try not to sing along to the entire album, I dare you. Aggressive and violent, as much as it can be.

Two years after the extravagant feedback “Death By Fire” and Enforcer themselves got after constant touring for the support of the album all over the world, it was high time for the follow-up, “From Beyond”. A month before the release, a lyric video for “Undying Evil” was uploaded on Nuclear Blast’s channel on Youtube and all kinds of feedback had been positive. “From Beyond” does not differ that much from their known already pattern, however as a collective it might surpass all of the previous albums together. Plus in November of 2015, Enforcer released a live CD/DVD album, “Live By Fire”, including an audio CD of their Athens show in 2013 and a DVD performance of their Tokyo apprearance, along with a small EP with two new tracks “Stellar Plains”, “Speak The Tongue of Heathen Gods” and a Frigid Bich cover of “Tyrants of a Generation”.

After four years of silence, touring and changes behind the curtains, since Joseph Tholl who had been with the band since forever had left, and Lethal Steel’s Jonathan had taken over, Enforcer released “Zenith”, and initially there had been some serious controversy. The first single “Die For The Devil” indicated a more hard rock orientated path, on the trails of Scorpions and Def Leppard. The song was nothing but bad, yet people had been wondering how “Zenith” would sound like. Seemed like nothing has actually changed, “Zenith” is another strong addition to the band’s discography and the final result was way more pleasing than expected. “One Thousand Years of Darkness” and “Forever We Worship The Dark” could actually be B-sides for “Diamonds”, while “Searching For You” and “Thunder and Hell” could either be for “From Beyond” or “Death By Fire”.