Genre: Modern Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Season of Mist
Records Year: 2014

For those who do not know, Engel is the band of Niclas Engelin, who is currently playing guitar at In Flames and has worked with Anders Friden at Passenger. Formed in 2004, they have released three more albums and an EP. Also known member is Marcus Sunesson, former guitarist of Swedish death metal legends, The Crown. From 2013 they have a replacement of their vocalist, with Mikael Sehlin replacing Magnus Klavborn.

If In Flames disappointed a lot of their fans expect the same for this record, as well. Melodic modern metal, with alternating harsh and clean vocals, heavier, with catchy rhythms and melody hooks and the right groove, but music is trivial, having nothing new to offer in the genre. Just a powerful album with several good moments such as ‘Salvation’, ‘My Dark Path’, ‘Hollow Soul’, however that far. Since it is the first album for their new singer, who handles it quite well, maybe it’s an extra reason to listen to the album.