Genre: Black Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: Odium Records
Year: 2020

To say that the Greek scene has many awesome bands, I believe is unnecessary. The fact that in recent years the metal scene has produced albums that no one expected in quality, I also consider it unnecessary and especially in the genre of black metal. So here we have such a band, with such an album. Enshadowed, have “returned” with their new, 4th album, entitled “Stare into the Abyss” and the title is not accidental. Let’s dive into it…

For starters, looking at the album’s cover, it is clear that we won’t fall into the Abyss, we’re already stuck in it and we still haven’t realized it, except from when we press play, but then it’s too late to go back. The Abyss does not differ much from a black hole. Once you fall, there is no going back. This is exactly what happens with this album. 7 tracks, with an average of 4 to 4.5 minutes and the album with a total duration of just 35 minutes are able to offer us cold, black-hearted and barbaric black metal, with obvious influences from the northern countries, mainly from Sweden and mainly from Marduk, and especially the “Panzer Division Marduk” era of the band. Full blast beats, full tremolo picking, bass like a stone wall and vocals, spitting out the lyrics on one hand and “chanting” on the other, with an influence by of Attila in the “De Mysteriis…” album. With Enshadowed, we have a very good factor, which I really wish other bands also could have. The guitarist and main composer, owns a recording studio, which means that the band’s productions are exclusively their own. What does this mean? They have as much time as they want to do things the way they want, without relying on other people’s hands and ears, with which they should be in constant communication, by emails being sent from one side to the other. So in terms of sound, we have a clean production, where everything sounds right, no cymbals are lost from the drums, not a single riff or chord is lost on the guitars, etc. On the other hand, the band now has the experience (after 3 more albums, 4 demos and 6 splits), so that they know what they want and can deliver the raw sound the genre also has, in the right way and as needed.

Talking about the structure of the songs, we will notice that there is a strong claustrophobic feeling, which is constantly hovering over all the pieces. We have slow chords and riffs that play over blast beats, we have monotonous rhythms on the drums, but I use the word “monotonous” for good. It is black metal and moreover, it is old school. We want neither happy changes, nor keyboards with fancy stuff on top. As we already said, it cold, black-hearted and barbaric black metal.

Those of you who have followed them since their first days, back in 1998, you probably already know what to expect. Those of you listening to the them now for the first time, will not be disappointed if you start with “Stare into the Abyss” and go back into their whole discography.