Genre: Melodic Folk Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2020

If we totally overcome the fact that Ensiferum has treated us with three mediocre albums during the last 11 years and we focus in “From Afar” of 2009 as their latest one, jumping to “Thalassic” which counts only a few hours of release, we see a band that does not lose its charm and stays true to archetypes it defined during their very beginnings. At the same time, because history can not be erased, we have “Unsung Heroes”, “One Man Army” and “Two Paths”, which make those five dudes from Helsinki look like a renewed band that has finally found the right track and continues unabated in the legion they had left behind. So, without further due, this is Ensiferum, “Thalassic” and Metal Blade Records. In “Thalassic”, the Finns deal with a pirate’s life for them, without always losing the spicy element of their lyrics. With tracks like “Rum, Women, Victory” and my personal favorite, “Run from the Crushing Tide”, Ensiferum reminds us that melodic folk metal is a European affair and that few bands manage to frame the folk element so correctly and intensely on the melodic death paths (to be fair, Melodic Death Metal is the Power Metal with growls, let’s just never forget that, ok?). So we have an album that reminds us of the best elements Ensiferum have offered during the years, such as “Iron” and “Victory Songs”, with a theme that flows a little beyond the cult of nature, pagan themes and viking aesthetics and wanders through the sea trails. A pretty good effort that brings the Finns back to the forefront.