Genre: Death Metal / Death ‘n’ Roll
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2019

Mr. L.G. Petrov and his gang are back with a new record, their third one released in five years. We are talking about a very active band actually. “Bowels of Earth” could easily be described as their best album so far. Its predecessors were not bad albums, of course, however they were not impressive. Maybe if there wasn’t the voice of the master someone could say that they sound mundane.

In their new release Entombed A.D. are trying to fill the void in our heart that the absence of Entombed has created. Classic old school death metal that clearly reminds of “Inferno” and “Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments”, the great two last albums Entombed released. The opening track, “Torment Remains” is the best  song the band has ever  composed and one of the best songs of the year. And with such an amazing beginning the follow-up couldn’t be bad. “Elimination” (no is not a cover to the old Entombed hit), “Fit for a King” (which was also the albums single), the self-titled (with an amazing refrain) are at the same level. Honestly, there is no filler here at all. The cover to “I’ll Never Get out of this World Alive” from Hank Williams is similar only concerning the lyrics. We are talking about an old country hymn that is now presented to us as a death metal punch in the face. Last song of the album is called “To Eternal Night”, a slow song, with the largest duration in the album, with an astonishing hellish riff as a leader.

The production is very good, the performance of the band is of high standards, especially the voice of L.G. and the artwork of Costin Chioreanu is beautiful as always. A very good death metal album that should be checked, especially by the old-school Swedish death metal fans.