Folk,Equilibrium,Germany, Reviews,Nuclear Blast Records

Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2016

“Armageddon” is an album that many folk metal fans anticipate and questioned themselves and wandering how will it sound. As Equilibrium’s last effort was a rather strange release this sounds reasonable. “Erdentempel” had too may over happy or over fun moments even for a genre that sometimes can take itself not serious after all. This time the sound is rather darker, same for Robse’s singing. We must notice here that there are 4 songs out of 11 where the lyrics are on English, probably as the band is looking for a bigger audience. The tempo of the album matches the darker approaching as it is mostly mid tempo and the fast parts are not eliminated but not so many as in their previous albums. The signature sound/trademark of Equilibrium is still here as we can hear the characteristic silly keyboards or the naïve synth parts (“Helden”). The song writing is quiet impressive if you ignore all the above that I mentioned about the keyboards and the synths and you focus on the mature lyrics and the cinematic orchestral elements that dominate their music. “Armageddon” is probably (band’s leader) René Berthiaume’s top moment as he is responsible for lyrics, mixing, orchestrations, production, recording and rhythm guitar play on this release! If they can keep a better balance in cheesy elements and their new darkest self they will certainly become a much better and much bigger band. Outstanding moments are definitely the hit single “Prey”, “Born to Be Epic” with its cheesy title and the epic closer “Eternal Destination”.