Genre: Viking Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Hammerheart Records
Year: 2021

Swedes, Ereb Altor, have such a diverse sound over the years, being difficult to integrate them in a specific music genre. Epic, folk, doom and black metal elements distinguish their work. Viking Metal, as a term, isn’t their trademark. More precisely, they surely are appreciated by Bathory, Primordial and Enslaved fans. “Eldens Boning”, their EP consisting of 4 songs, is a dynamic come back and has similarities to their previous full lengths. To cut a long story short, let’s focus on this one. Opener, “The Twilight Ship”, comes along with a beautiful atmospheric introduction; followed by a more epic and dynamically rhythmical track, that has also north/cold melodic lines. It stands out, for sure, as the absolute album’s opener. “Fenrisulven”, has a more acoustic structure. Based on more atmospheric elements, violin is a blast on this one. Homonymous with EP track reminds me of former Ereb Altor, having a lot of black elements, especially in vocals. Epic stuff are more evident this time. Last but not least, “Sacrifice 2.0” can be compared to “Sacrifice” from “Fire Meets Ice”. At the bottom-line though, it is a rougher and tighter track, approaching more band’s black kind of philosophy. Although “Eldens Boning” consists of four parts, in a composition level, while listening to it, gives you the idea of a complete and unified album. Of course, we are anticipating for their upcoming complete work. Until then, “Eldens Boning” fills the gap pleasantly.