Escarnium, Death, Brazil, 2016, Reviews, Albums, Redefining Darkness Records, Testimony Records

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Brazil
Label: Redefining Darkness Records (America) – Testimony Records (Europe)
Year: 2016

Before start writing anything else I feel the need to say that I am not a special fan of death metal. It is not that I don’t like that genre, I am just not deeply involved with that kind of music; not enough to say that I have specific knowledge about that. I rarely choose to listen to a death metal band, and when I do it will usually be something very classic, such as Deicide, Cannibal Corpse or Morbid Angel.

So when I was suggested to do the review for the second full album of ESCARNIUM – and after I tried to find out a few things about the band – I felt a little out of my depth, but right from the first minute ‘Interitus’ surprised me pleasantly. The Latin American temperament of the quartet from Salvador, Brazil does not hide out, and when we talk about Latin American temperament in the extreme sound of metal scene, we are talking about black metal influences.

Actually, what we are dealing here with is an amalgam of raw, primitive death metal based on brilliant and inspired ideas, and ritual black metal with a beautiful, intensely dark feeling. The funereal atmosphere, covered by a thick fog of sickness and morbidity, is distinctive and clearly stands out over the entire listening session, while the merciless speeds and the aggressive riffs, which are the basis of their music compositions give often their place to more crawling and sludgy mid-tempo parts. Some – to be honest, many – enchanting melodic paths help a lot for a smooth streaming, since they do not let the album become monotonous and tedious, while the riotous and harsh vocals remind enough of Glen Benton at the first albums of Deicide.

As for the production part, which is finest, the instruments are well-balanced and the result is tight and massive, while special mention is needed to be given to the awesome artwork of the cover, which is another great work of Hugo Silva – search for some of his other works, the guy is awesome.

I don’t think more words are needed for ‘Interitus’, a gracious and forceful release but yet atmospheric and majestic, a release that, as mentioned above, was a pleasant surprise for me.