Genre: Doom / Black / Death Metal, Ambient
Country: Germany
Label: Amor Fati Productions
Release: 10/08/2018

Six years after their last release, the German band Essenz returned to action with their fourth album “Manes Impetus”, released by Amor Fati Productions. Without straying from their style, Essenz offer us seven pieces, through which I believe that they have successfully managed in terms of music and lyrics to convey the message they have in mind. The exaltation of the eternal spirit in all its manifestations and of course its teleological character is the idea on which their whole edifice is built. Essenz can intertwine different branches of the extreme sound in a very interesting mix, utilizing the best features of each spectrum, with the passages from each style (/ evident by the alternations in whythms) being carefully studied to the last detail. I think that the choice of sound colors depending on the idea they unfold is incredibly accurate. At the points where they create and intensify their dreadful atmosphere Doom structures prevail, in their outbursts we definitely hear Death Metal elements, while the backbone where all their work rests is pure Black Metal compositions. Some touches of Ambient and Noise elements are also present, but they lurk, just to make our experience a wee bit more eerie. The album was released in August 2018 digitally and in CD format, while in November of the same year as a double 12 “vinyl.

Recommended for listeners of Inquisition, Cultes Des Ghoules and the likes of them.