Evergrey, Progressive, Power, News, Reviews, Albums, AFM Records, Sweden, 2021

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2021


Twelfth album for Evergrey and they continue keeping the high standards they have set since 2014’s “Hymns for the Broken” and onwards. 11 songs with the seal of the band’s quality, in their characteristic style, we loved them. You cannot classify Evergrey 100% in progressive genre, as their guitars are heavy enough, while there are scattered also some power metal touches.

But the most important thing is that when you hear Englund’s voice you know who you are dealing with. The keyboards once again balance perfectly despite the fact that they have either a leading or a complementary role, serving the need of the composition. The songs are divided and positioned correctly so that there is diversity between the loudest and the softest moments.

The band took advantage of the pandemic productively and worked without time pressure on the compositions. This is not the first time the songs are so well crafted and worked, as this happens in almost every record as we talk about well-trained musicians. The lyrics are once again personal and endoscopic, raising their artistic background even more.

Just for the record I have to mention that in the song ‘The Beholder’ we also have the participation of James LaBrie of Dream Theater, who gives more interest to an already beautiful song. ‘Escape of the Phoenix’ is coming to be added to the very good latest releases of Evergrey. It will keep company for a long time to their fans and will be pleasantly heard by those who are not (yet). Their songs always have more dynamism when they are performed live and I hope we will find it out soon about the songs on their new album too.