Genre: Heavy Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash
Country: Belgium
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2017

Somewhere in time (…), I had written a text, a review, a report, I don’t remember exactly, mentioning two things. One the one hand, that all the older genres and especially metal have moments where they revive their beauty one or the other way and of course, romanticism in metal is always part of us. On the other hand, when every rebirth fades out, when the party is over and the knowitall idiots (we all know one) disappear, only those who truly deserve it remain and not the tourists in all this (disgusting, even now that that I say it), not ones who fed on zines and whatever else mindlessly. Time has passed, the hurricane of heavy / speed / thrash has grown calm and as it happens by law in the universe, only the strong survive. Evil Invaders belong to this category. Two years after the release of “Pulses of Pleasure”, our favs from Belgium return to action with “Feed Me Violence”, the second full album, released by Napalm Records the last September. With another insane artwork (as we are used by now), Evil Invaders offer nine tracks full of speed, sudden screams and hooligan attitude for headbanging and alcohol. If we were to analyze “Feed Me Violence”, we would say it’s JudasPriest-lie (Painkiller), a bit of Slayer, and at times, especially in the vocals, reminded me of Forbidden. As you understand, Evil Invaders have filtered a mixture of the best and have created their own identity. You hear one track and immediately, you know it’s Evil Invaders. In general, they don’t stray away from what they’ve done in the past, still there are some changes in the vocals, the production and the compositions, which are light at first level, but in second sight they define the identity I mentioned earlier. As for the vocals, there are less screams, with the quantity of clean vocals increased, leaving a more mature taste. It’s like they are finding their selves. The same goes for the guitars. Seems like with the addition of Max Maxheim things got the way they should. The speeds are still high, but they have added some atmospheric points, with changes in rhythms. This fits them. Don’t get turned off if you haven’t yet. The only disadvantage is the somehow dull sound of the drums in a production that is otherwise flawless. Evil Invaders try to do better than their previous album and it seems like it’s working. By far the best track of the album is “Broken Dreams of Isolation” (more adventurous, more mature, more solid), with the self-titled and “Oblivion” being the top three. Excellent release, buy it right away!