Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Steamhammer
Year: 2020
It may be difficult to understand nowadays, as we are leaving in few months the year 2020, that Evildead is not just another band that is reconnecting. Evildead is the band created by Agent Steel’s Juan Garcia and Abattoir’s Mel Sanchez when they were marking the golden era of speed metal with their bands. Also, the first 2 albums of Evildead, “Annihilation of Civilization” and “The Underworld” were larger than life, but without any continuity. In the period 2008 – 2012 they took the band off the ice but without releasing anything. It was more than pbvious that we had to abandon all hope for a reunion. Fortunately we were wrong and the big comeback is a reality with “United States of Anarchy”. The most important thing with this album is that it gives you the impression that it was released in the end of glorious 80’s or early 90’s and not 3 decades later, actually 29 whole years later. You will hear their socio-political concerns again. You will hear songs that you could easily imagine taht are on their first album, as well as some others that could be on the second, too. It is a comprehensive summary of their short career, but given with a fresh view upon it, with the energy and passion of a new band and not some middle-aged people who just decided to play together again. This is their third work that I repeat it could be placed somewhere even in the early 90’s. Thankfully their sound remains recognizable. The rich vocals by Phil Flores, the many mid tempo moments and generally this old school thrash in the veins of Vio-lence and Nuclear Assault that is totally receptive to crossover. The connection to the past is also achieved with another amazing cover by Ed Repka. A glorious return that means a lot to many outhere.