Genre: Death metal
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Label: GFY Productions

Never heard of these guys before and i usually tend to approach new death metal bands with caution. In their case the first notes caught me off guard!

This is their latest release, a Mini LP. The guys hail from Germany and they consist of two members. Both guys are involved in the local scene as i can see. This is their third release after a demo and a split with Violentor, Turbocharged and Obscyria.

Enough with their story, lets get to the point. First of all the sound, it sounds pure old school, the riffs sound old school, the vocals sounds old school, the whole thing sounds fucking old school and pure. Its a perfect mixture of old Death / Autopsy / old Pestilence with Asphyx’ian vocals. I personally love it. The whole production and direction is great. From the cover, to the overall sound and the performance. This is a great release and i can’t wait till i listen to their debut album which i hope comes soon!

Highly recommended for old school death metal fans, these guys are great without trying too hard to sound like someone or to imitate them. They are naturals!