Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Go Fuck Yourself Productions
Year: 2014

It’s been a long time since I last laid my hands on new bands of the underground death metal scene; and I should be ashamed. The last few days I’ve been listening to a debut demo release of a rather new band, called Evoked (founded in 2013). They rocked my socks off!

Let’s get serious now, enough of my jibber jabber. Evoked is a death metal band, located in North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany, consisted of two members, Artilleratör and Bonesaw. Both of them have already performed with Obsessör, Beer Pressure, Genocide and Mania in the past. On April 22nd, 2014, they released their debut demo via “Go Fuck Yourself Productions” under the name “Return of the Dead”. To be precise there were 150 copies released in cassette form, currently sold out. The reason? It’s absolutely jaw-dropping. To begin with, the demo’s artwork depicts a gory, ghastly savage, feasting upon a dismembered (probably human) carcass, simultaneously inviting you to its congregation. The tracks are divided between the two sides of the cassette. Side A consists of the tracks “The Ailment” and “Return of the Dead” and side B of “Last Moan” and “Holy Flame”. It’s all about raw, vulgar, old – school death metal, in the vein of Death and Autopsy. Deep old-fashioned riffs combined perfectly with great bass lines and spectacular drums. Guitars cut you like a razorblade, with crude, rough solos harmonized in the best possible way with the blasting drums, not in a meretricious way though. Regarding the vocals, Bonesaw screams are as churlish as a howling wolf. “Last Moan” is certainly my personal favorite due to Artilleratör’s great outbreak of galloping set.

For those who want to see them performing on a new song called “Gruesome Obsession”, there’s a video uploaded from their last gig in October, in which they shared the stage with the almighty Bulldozing Bastard, Graveyard Ghoul and Securitate. Highly recommended, for sure! Keeping on that speed, we’ll surely see them rise in the future.