Genre: Speed Metal Punk, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Boogie, D-Beat
Country: Austria
Label: Discos Macarras
Release: 2021

Five years after their last release, Austrians Ewïg Frost finally returned to active discography with a completely vitriolic record that shakes the waters. Despite the fact that once again their influences are shamelessly obvious, the pieces offered by Ewïg Frost create that destructive Saturday night mood, when you crank up the volume on some Motörhead, Venon or Discharge records and leave the house already tipsy, thinking that the whole universe belongs to you, “because it actually does”. ‘Cause This is Ewïg Frost; three arrogant bastards who steal your chick just by looking at her. The setting in “Aïn’t No Saïnt” is in a way a post-apocalyptic dystopia, especially in tracks like “1918” where the rhythms are slower, but without this meaning that the whole album rolls like that. In most tracks, we’re dealing with Rock’n’Roll speeds, Boogie riffs, Blues outbursts in a few moments just to give a more exotic feel to it, sneaky Black Metal guitars and those Discharge-like high-speed punk overloads compose an amazing mosaic of alacrity and machismo (please, PC warriors, leave me be). Synthetically, they obviously don’t renovate the wheel, however the result is so fresh and crunchy, that in case of a thought like “I’ve heard that before somewhere”, that exact thought doesn’t mean a thing to you. Lyrically speaking, it’s all about greed, desires, addictions, politics, social inequalities and all modern problems. The album also features a number of well-known underground roughnecks, such as Commandor Vanik of Midnight, Ricky Switchblade of Boogie Hammer and Valentin Strasser of Roadwolf, among others. We support Ewïg Frost to the bone and hope to see them soon in our Greek wasteland. Cheers!

5.5 / 6