Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Label: Dark Descent Records
Year: 2017

The first album by Excommunion was released fifteen years ago and they haven’t really done much since then, apart from a split release in 2006. The whole discography of this almost twenty year old band is rather short and the coming of a second album, after all this time, is something intriguing. Their first record “Superion” had nice ideas but some issues with the drums and the production, even though I can’t think why one should expect something similar today.

“Thronosis” could also be an EP (if it’s not already) because it only has four tracks and half an hour of music. In retrospect, I would not worry about the duration because the band has not lost touch at all. If anything, they have improved and they bring us a fine release of disturbing death metal in great fashion. The album is full of violent riffs and excellent growls, mostly moving in middle or fast paced tempo and it’s pretty straightforward from the beginning.

Production wise, it is highly listenable and offers a hammering, clean sound along with the quality material of the music. Even at the fast parts, Excommunion don’t intend to go frenzy with unbelievable speeds like other bands, instead they are careful to knit the different lines in the tracks. There is quite a lot of blast beating going on, even though the drums are not the highlight of “Thronosis”. Most enjoyable is the combination of vocals and guitars.

Without actually writing anything unheard before, the band manages to fuse black and death metal very nicely and creates a heavy, dim atmosphere that can keep the listener on spot while the album is playing. It’s structure is also interesting, as many are put together in each long composition. Meaning that, “Thronosis” would be equally good if everything was cut in half and turned this into an eight-track release. There isn’t a clear bad moment, yet there is no extraordinary one to. The whole of the album stays at a certain, decent level.

All in all, Excommunion are definitely a band to check out. I will still be waiting for a big break from them, because they can still improve and let’s hope it doesn’t take very much to do so. Nevertheless, “Thronosis” is solid, aggressive, and surely above average in the sea of today’s death metal.