Genre: Thrash / Groove Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2019

I always found it unfair when people refer to Exhorder in discussions that are simply related to Pantera. Of course you might say that this is how many people have learned about them, which can only be good. However, they could have their own, self-contained status, for the two amazing albums that they released in the past. Their reunion took place many years later and wasn’t very anticipated. After garnering the attention of the world with the concerts that were in order, the time came to release a record, 27 years after the previous one! Let’s mention that from the original composition, here we only retain Vinnie LaBella and Kyle Thomas. Nevertheless, the new members are no chance picks, as all of them have been walking with big names in the space for a while. Listening to “My time” you start with high expectations that are ultimately fulfilled. Thomas’ voice is in great shape and LaBella has a lot of riffs – arrows in his quiver. At the Mid – Tempo points, the guitars are very reminiscent of modern Exodus. For the Rhythm Section I’m just going to say that when you first make a name for yourself in Groove, it’s a given that it will rip and tear. So in “Mourn the Southern Skies” you will hear both Thrashy and Groovy songs. Beyond that there are some darker moments, such as “Yesterday’s Bones”, but also some more experimental ones, such as in the album’s closer and title track, that carries an overall legacy of the American South. I don’t know if the Momentum is there to accomplish what they couldn’t when they got started, but I do know for sure that “Mourn the Southern Skies” will be able to accompany us for some time.

4.5 / 6