Genre: Gore/Death Metal
Country: U.S.A
Label: Relapse
Year: 2015

One of the most classic death metal albums of the 90s, “Gore Metal” of Exhumed, re-recorded. Originally released in 1998, created a sense because of its tracks, and also of the brutal cover art. Incredibly riffs, ferocious rhythms, furious vocals and a dirty, suffocating atmosphere that did other gore bands of the era seem kids in front of the realism of Exhumed. That time Carcass then had already splited up, and the only ones who held Thermopylae in goregrind were General Surgery, Impaler,Dead Infection, Haemorrhage and the gods Impetigo.That great album, Exhumed decided to re-record it and to offer the sound quality that was always missing. This is clearly improved, the play is more “professional”, which I find quite logical, since after almost 20 years, and having played hundreds of times this material is perfectly normal to have greater fullness and stability.Maybe some fanatics could say that they prefer the original first recording because of the atmosphere, but objectively and without blinkers, so here the “new” album, it sounds better than the first recording.Without to be fashionable, and without sacrifice atmosphere emitted believe that Californians, fail completely to achieve their goal .They keep the stuffy and brutal background, giving more distinct position in the instruments and they can outsmart you, if you do not know that you hear was recorded in 2014, as well could be an album ’90s. Also for me is important that participate as guest Ross Sewage on vocals and Mike Beams on guitars, former members of Exhumed definitely they both give a touch of the past. The version of “Gore metal: A necrospective 1998-2015” will be released on double CD, containing the authentic “Gore metal” in the second cd….