Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2021

The split – up of Slayer had only one good aftermath. Exodus is again the top priority for Gary Holt. He was very busy with the long tour of Slayer and he hadn’t free time to record a proper album with Exodus. It has been 7 years since “Blood In, Blood Out” released and there was great impatience for the new album. You just can’t believe that the group was inactive for such a long time because they sound like a killing machine that actually never stopped. Gary Holt in the last albums has a very specific riffing that makes it so easy for someone to recognize Exodus. Sharp, aggressive and clean, adapted to the modern era. Steve Souza with his toxic voice gives energy and madness. Lee Altus is an experienced guitar player and the ideal musician to fit perfectly with Gary Holt. Jack Gibson is the calm force of the group. Finally, the presence of Tom Hunting in this album is touching. He managed to overcome his health problem and his playing is dynamic and accurate. He is better than ever. So, all these awesome personalities make a whole that dissolves everything in its path. “Persona Non Grata” is a title that everyone can interpret differently. The lyrics deal with contemporary social problems and interpersonal issues. The music has the characteristic freshness of the last Exodus albums. “Persona Non Grata” is better than “Blood In, Blood Out”. It is an inseparable set of impulse thrash metal. Exodus came back emphatically and the new album leaves no room for doubt.