Repulsive Echo Records is loyal to none…Well actually it’s damn loyal to extreme metal and obscure releases, so if there is one label true enough to release the return of Extreme Violence, that would be the Athenian label. Extreme Violence were fully active only for 7 years (first demo on 2000 last live show on 2007) yet their one and only studio full length, originally cut by Sevared Records in 2005, “Ecstasy in Pain” was enough to mark their name in the extreme scene. Later in 2015 a new song was recorded “Plague On the Stillborns” and we were expecting their new studio album back then, unfortunately that never saw the light of day. Now the band, hailing from the town of Lamia in Central Greece, return with a new compilation album via Repulsive Echo Records.

The band started along with Athenian Technical Brutal Death Metal killers Inveracity, while Extreme Violence signed to Sevared Records, Inveracity signed to Unmatched Brutality Records that helped them to record 2 albums. Unfortunately both could and should have been bigger and both failed for different reasons despite the fact that had the potential, the songs and the talent to do so.

The collection features all Extreme Violence demos: “Addicted to Cannibalism” (2000), “Sickening Butchery” (2002) and “Ecstasy in Pain” (2003), while the band is working right now, on new material with two songs already completed, entitled “Abnormal Uterine Bleeding” and “Breeding Carnal Icons”.

Whoever digs Cannibal Corpse και Suffocation MUST check these beasts from the underground scene of Greece!