Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Despotz records
Year: 2017

Remember the days were thrash bands had an original sound? When you’d actually spot differences from band to band? Remember those days when there were bands (regardless of their status) that had something unique or original? Well forget it! The revival of Thrash Metal is at its peak. You got thousands of bands with the same logo (more or less), the same production “cutting edge neat ‘n’ clean sound” and the same lyrics. Zombies, pizza, horror films, stories about a friendly “warm hearted” mosh gathering etc etc. Well F.K.Ü. focus on horror films. Their new album is a homage to horror films that saw the light of day (or saw you screaming) on 1981. All tracks are inspired, or named, after horror movies. Cool artwork, clever and humorous I’d say. The music is nothing but intense, intense, intense! All tracks are fast, short and “to the point” as much as they can. The band’s delivery is “razor sharp” precise while the vocals are convincing. The guys pulled out a cool cover of “Evil Dead” (Death). You got your standard good ingredients but the outcome is one of the same. Surely not bad, but not that special. I think that “junior school” thrashers should check it out as I’m sure that they’ll find one or two songs to destroy things with while the older ones will stick to their heroes as I’m not sure if they’ll be that impressed. Not bad , not classic.