Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Athens Thrash Attack
Year: 2014

My first contact with the thrashers from Ioannina city was in spring of 2013, when I attended one of their gigs in Thessaloniki, where I wasn’t particularly thrilled, if I may say. One year later, when they played support to Sodom, although I cannot overlook their significant improvement (it was natural), still they didn’t manage to make that certain “click” and that same image hasn’t changed not even after listening to their recently released album.

I really congratulate Fatal Mutiny on their whole attitude and course, they seem to be committed to their work, they seem to try, have perseverance and they certainly chase their dreams with the band. Nevertheless, their technical thrash (that is not one of their forte just to be fair) didn’t really move me. They play quite well, but unfortunately quite typically/predictably. There are many good ideas, but whose development does not create similar explosiveness. Technically they are in a very good level, given their age, but not in that certain level to give the ease to deliver the difficulty of their own material. That doesn’t, in any way, means that they lost the game, I think it’s only a matter of time improving their performance, however in the time being they should be playing ‘safer’.

Everything that I mention is certainly justifiable to some extent, for the simple reason that we are talking about a new band and their very first official recording. The prospect that in the near future we will hear something powerful, while they mature as composers and musicians, is very likely to happen and I’m going to be very happy following it.