Firespawn, LG Petrov, Death Metal,Sweden,Century Media Records,2015,Reviews

Genre: Death metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media
Year: 2015

Firespawn is a new band consisting of the known gentlemen Victor Brandt and LG Petrov (Entombed A.D.), Fredrik Fokare (Unleashed), Alex Impaler (Necrophobic) and Matte Modin (Raise Fist). Listening to their work I expected to hear a mix of classic Swedish death metal with a little more black metal elements, but the “Shadow Realms” comes to make me wrong. If someone wants to give a stigma, their basic approach is closer to the old-fashioned American death metal!

The album begins with “The Emperor”, a track that combines blast beats with extremely catchy riffs and chaotic guttural vocals by LG. Then, ‘Imperial Burning’ is coming to lower the tempo and brings a ‘Florida air’, followed by the track that was their first single “Lucifer Has Spoken”, a  heavy and dark song with slow-moving pace. “Spirit of the Black Tide” is a thunderous song with nice guitars and insane drumming. Next in the tracklist is “Contemplate Death”, an acoustic instrumental of short duration, that is followed by “All Hail” a track that is based on a very good riff and a catchy refrain. “Ruination” has enough thrash touches, while “Necromance” reminds me an alchemical mix between Periphery and Behemoth! The next two tracks ‘Shadow Realms’ and ‘Ginnunga’ left me with the same taste. While I was beginning to get tired, the listening comes to an end with “Infernal Eternal”, a dynamite that could be easily the opening track.

In general and in conclusion, “Shadow Realms” is a good album, which contains all the elements required for a modern death metal album. Technique, structure, changes in rhythms, atmospheres and images, great sound and production design. But it has a disadvantage that for me is very important. It’s getting tiring after 2-3 listenings and leaves the impression that many of the songs are based on a common structure. Blame the way that  Petrov sings, blame the sound, it certainly makes me think that, apart from my initial enthusiasm as listener (enthusiasm that can be earned immediately by such a huge and experienced lineup), probably in a few weeks I will put “Shadow Realms “on the shelf with the cd’s, that rarely are placed in my player.