Genre: Modern/Groove Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Better Noise
Year: 2020

FFDP is a group that is not highly appreciated in our country. The main reason is that the modern metal which they represent was never very high in the taste of the Greek metalhead. Secondarily, their lyrical obsession about American security forces, military operations and generally all their poorly meant “Americanism” was a buzz killer for a lot of fans. Truth is that their first 2 albums had brought an air of renewal to what we call modern metal, but later on it seems that they wanted to be enclosed in this sonic safety zone that they had created. On each album there were nice songs but they did not keep your interest undiminished. On top of that, you almost knew what you’d hear before you even hit “Play”. Things tend to gravitate towards this axis on their eighth record attempt as well, the so called “F8”. Once again, they show that they have no difficulty writing Hits and  that they know how to groove with a certain attitude and write beautiful ballad songs. They faithfully follow the recipe of their success, a maniera that they themselves have created. Ivan Moody is a gifted singer who sings just as well on their Groovy tracks, as when lowering gears. On the drums we meet for the first time Charlie Engen, who replaced Jeremy Spencer. However, do not expect large variations. We know what we’re going to hear from FFDP and you know which of you want to hear their new work. They do not disappoint but unfortunately, they no longer offer that something extra. I wish they would do so in their next attempts and pleasantly surprise us. The album is also available in a Bonus version with 3 additional songs.