Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country: Norway
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2018

Revival of sounds and trends can be only of positive impact. On the one hand they certify the value and the timelessness of something that might seemed outdated for some time and on the other hand they give the younger the opportunity to honour their influences and to prove themselves. So the older fans are nostalgic and the newer ones are learning and everybody is a winner! The only artistic danger is today’s artist not to able to catch the vibe of the past and the result might not be the desirable one, so a good teacher is not enough, but you need student that do their homework as well. In the case of Norwegian Flight we are talking about honours students that have studied 70’s heavy rock and proto metal as it was played by Judas Priest, who along with Thin Lizzy seem to be their primary influences. Flight are so much into the spirit of the time, they possess the necessary talent and have the inspiration to offer such a record that is great from every point of view in the year 2018. In their debut 3 years ago, they were already going towards the right direction, but here they make the big step being tighter as a band. Complete compositions with a beginning and an end, songs well thought even in the slightest detail give the listener something that is not so straightforward, but something whole that becomes addictive the more you listen to it. The production, even though is modern, it is perfectly aligned with the musical direction. From the 8 songs of the album none is filler. It is also impressive that the members of the band are active in Norway’s extreme scene, but nevertheless here they can convince anybody that they live and breathe for heavy rock and pure metal. For the revival of the sounds I mentioned before there is another characteristic. Many imitators appear, the quality gets lost and at the end the best ones survive. In this specific sound Flight along with Black Trip – VOJD have shown strong elements of perseverance.