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Genre: Metalcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2015

I truly cannot understand why the Nuclear Blast’s masterminds decided to sign a deal with these guys. From what I’ve known there aren’t any washy, nerveless, something-like-metalcore bands within the record’s company family… Ok, some of you may say that I snapped at the band on just because I don’t like the genre… Unfortunately, though, I wish that was the case with the Americans we’re dealing with. There’s not a single thing that will urge the average listener to listen to the band, apart from those that dig the genre, whoever these might be. It’s a record below the average levels, overly – generic, full of clichés, with breaks and beatdowns that are as predictable as the road signs on a busy highway. Of course, we’ll ignore it; after all, we promote extreme music god damn it…