Genre: Post black metal/ deathcore
Country: Greece
Label: Miasma Records
Year: 2019

Three years after “Depression Neverending”, via which they introduced themselves and after a series of live concerts around Greece, Foray Between Ocean release “As Serenity Drowned”, which was kind of late, considering that we got the first teasers in September. The band is diving into even darker roots, more post-black ones, while the compositions are more “grandiose” than before. With that, I mean the addition of female backing choirs and the alternations coming from Jon Toussas’ voice, who truly deserves a lot. I think before Foray, he has never worked as a vocalist before. The lyrical themes are also dark, this time touching the boundaries of paranoia more than depression’s. Violent and groovy at some points, more techincal, melodic and death metal/deathcore-ish at others. Foray Between Ocean have delivered an incredible outcome, something we don’t hear that often. The hellenic underground scene has grown the past five years and with a good promotional campaign, it could possibly reach for the sky.