Genre: Folk/Melodic Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Trollmusic
Year: 2017

When you hear about FORNHEM, you probably have nothing in mind, since it’s a relatively new band -as a matter of fact, a duo- from Norrkoping, Sweden and ‘Ett Fjärran Kall’ is their debut full-length work and their maiden release in total.

From the very first guitar themes, it is obvious what you are going to listen: dark, gloomy and folk in atmosphere, but at the same time heavily epic and melodic as for the riffology, Fornhem’s black metal is clearly walking in the footsteps of Drudkh, while there are some influence of Wolves in the Throne Room, perhaps even by Caladan Brood. All these sound charming, but some wandering, enchanting parts and the lovely vocals are not enough for the album to escape from the indifference that has unfortunately been sank. When you decide to spend forty-seven minutes of music in four tracks, you have to be absolutely sure about what you’re going to do, since it’s very difficult to be in proportion, so the result will not become forgettable and tedious.

Summing up, I will say that I have discovered a lot of bad music in my life and after three times of listening to ‘Ett Fjärran Kall’, all I can say with absolute honesty is that it certainly does not belong to this category. Undistinguished yes, boring in many parts yes, but it would certainly be unfair to qualify that as a bad release.