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Some months ago, Greek stoner metal/rock group Fuel Eater released the first video clip for the song ‘Cosmic Rifle’, taken from their 2018 album ‘Soberian Kinship’. Time has come for the second one, this time for the song ‘Who Am I?’. ‘Who Am I?’ is the opening track of ‘Soberian Kinship’ and the video deals with the symptoms of a panic attack as well as the inner demons someone could hide inside himself.

The video created by Konstantinos Liopetas with the help of Griseldo Ntoka and singer’s Gordon Kansas. Actors Pepi Papadopoulou, Georgia Kalogeratou, Marios Dimitropoulos and Chris Alexandropoulos participate along with the Fuel Eater members. Shootings took place at ‘Lithografeion Theater’ in Patras.

Watch the video clip for ‘Who Am I?’:

Listen to ‘Soberian Kinship’ in its entirety:

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