‘Soberian Kinship’ is Fuel Eater’s sophomore upcoming full length album. After two years of wait, the band finally revealed the first details of their second album. “Soberian Kinship” is expected to be released in early February, contains eight tracks and some have already been revealed and loved by the fans in recent shows of the band.

The artwork was curated by Marios Sen(the band’s bassist), while the layout by Spiros- Gerasimos Vitoratos.


  1. Who am I?
  2. Dead End
  3. Dome Below
  4. Pretty People
  5. Cosmic Rifle
  6. Apathetic Whistle
  7. Our Soberian Kinship
  8. Standpunkt

According to the band’s official page, in a few days the first single will come out with further info on two upcoming release shows in Patra and Athens.

Fuel Eater were formed in Patra on 2012. With a full length and a demo in their baggage, they have encountered lots of kilometers in tours and gigs together with lots of name from the local scene and not only.

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