Genre: Groove Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Rock of Angels Records
Year: 2020

Suspicions arose, when back in 2011, FHBC released their debut album ‘Bet It All’, but the time conjuncture was bad. Vaggelis Karzis, the mastermind of the group, then joined Rotting Christ, so FHBC stepped aside. 7 whole years had to pass so that ‘Me Against You’, their second album released, and as a result many considered them as newcomers. Thankfully, their third album ‘Bare Knuckle’, released some weeks ago, while they were still in the spotlight. The fact that Karzis joined Wolfheart, this time didn’t affect FHBC at all. I believe that the third full length album is their best album ‘til now. The first positive thing that anyone can notice from the start is the improvement of the vocal delivery, especially the clean vocals. Their sound still brings in mind a mix of Pantera, Black Label Society and Five Finger Death Punch, with a tight rhythm section and chugging guitars. This time, they managed to create more memorable songs (compared to their earlier releases), that will stick in your mind from the very first listen. For example, listen to ‘Black Flag’ and you will certainly sing along the refrain. Probably, the more adventurous-complicated moments are absent, but this fact doesn’t bother me at all. If they want something more complicated, I believe the future is an ally for this purpose. The songs are crafted for live appearances and I am sure that on stage they will sound even better. Now, when this time will actually come to watch them again live, it’s another story…damn you covid-19…