While fans eagerly await news of their next full-length album, New England death metal beasts FUMING MOUTH have temporarily satiated followers with a devastating new single, “They Take What They Please” and b-side track “Devolve,” which are out today from Nuclear Blast.

The single was originally released as part of Triple B Records’ “America’s Hardcore Volume 5” compilation and is now available for the first time digitally. The Motorhead inspired song brings a slow, slamming pace to the table that FUMING MOUTH has never brought before and is a guaranteed head-nodder for any listener.

Vocalist/guitarist Mark Whelan says:

“‘They Take What They Please’ is influenced by the one and only “Orgasmatron” by Motorhead. A song that has been a staple for Fuming Mouth since we started, especially Sepultura’s cover of it. I’ve always wanted to do a song like this that stepped outside of our normal sound and could stand on its own. We accompanied it with “Devolve,” a one-two punch song that hits fast then hard. Both songs are accompanied by a Necromaniac Zine illustration, one of the most putrid artists in death metal.”