Genre: Groove Metal
Country: Ελλάδα
Year: 2020

If for some reason you do not know Furor, let’s say that the title “Love” is somewhat misleading as we have nothing to do with melancholic music or erotic lyrics. I will not say that the new album of the Athenians is their best to date as well, as their previous works were also quite good. But what I can say with confidence is that “Love” is their most diverse album to date and this is a great qualification. I described their music as “Groove Metal” just to be inside the subject as there are more things in their sound than this specific sub-genre. Metalcore breaks, Hardcore outbursts, lurking melodies as well as mid tempo uprisings. All this, in combination with the very suitable alternation of melodic and angry vocals, a twist that raises the compositions one step higher. We are also talking about a thing, that when it does not have the desired result, it exposes the singer and ditches the song. Here, however, the band achieves its purpose. From this musical description escapes the song “Heartless” that has a Rock ‘n’ Roll touch as well as the homonymous that leads us to the end of the album in a calmer way. The female vocals on “Blinders” also offer a differentiation, but without softening the composition as they fit like a glove, very harmoniously. The production of the album is quite clean and polished, which is something that is desirable in this particular sound. Friends of modern metal, especially American, should give “Love” a chance because they will not be disappointed. As for the fans of the band, I take it for granted that they will love it.