Genre: Folk/Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Dark Essence Records
Year: 2015

Surprisingly good album. Not because their older jobs are bad or weak. On the contrary that of 2010 “Til alle heimsens endar” (seriously how fast did 5 years pass??) had triggered my interest on these Norwegians. The periods though between their compositions of epic, tasteful melodic black metal with references/influences by Kampfar and Borknagar. Lengthy composreleases seems to be an obstacle for greater impact and visibility (debut “Skogskvad” 2006). Now you will tell me, is that bad? Better to talk (in this situation to record) when you have something to say than to chatter with fillers and rehash ….

5 + 1itions with “Ljós” being an exception since it is an interlude with piano and bassoon and is only 3:30 in length, based on guitar lines that are aptly framed by wind instruments, piano, percussion and anything that darkly haunts the atmosphere, wrapping the musical landscape into a melancholic veil. The blast beats and tantrums of course are not absent and neither are the changes in the rhythm that give strength and the motivation holding the listener’s interest undiminished. Thrifty and carefully dosed are the folk elements, while the sound is rough where it should be and polished (not excessively) where needed. Overall we are talking about a release that quite a sum of lovers of this genre will like, even though it is not aimed solely to them. Otherworldly charming …