Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Ireland
Label: Prosthetic Records
Year: 2020

Gama Bomb is one of those bands that have special and specific characteristics. Aside from their musical identity, there are Philly Byrne’s recognizable vocals, references to video games and horror movies, on both the artwork cover and the lyrics [the divine song titles as well] and the general tendency to entertain the listener.  All those are once again present in the seventh album of the Irish. So let’s see if there are any differences.

First they have a new drummer, James Stewart, but also a new record company, Prosthetic Records. In the musical part, we have 12 compositions of pure, unadulterated thrash with small doses of crossover. Once again they will seduce you with their rhythm section, but also with the nice guitar themes. Compared to their previous works, here you will find slightly more moments of classical metal and melody without altering the thrash core.

Not all 12 songs are at the same high level; however they manage to effortlessly convey to you their positive and fun side, which will make you have a good time. The adventures of the squad this time take place at sea and we faithfully follow the captains. It’s important to close such a difficult year, with a mood for entertainment. “Sea Savage” is not the best work of Gama Bomb, but it is another good release in their already quality discography.