Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Cruz del Sur Music
Year: 2018

I don’t know what’s gotten into us. Audience and writers. Once, we had the fever of the next big thing. Which was very much shot to hell… Now, we are looking for the next underground hero. The well hidden secret, that only a few suggest to us and it’s an eye opener. Yet, that -in other terms- altruistic act, which is often based on the elitism and the stubbornness of some people, most of the times is nothing but false hopes. For every “Eternal Champion” that the masses discover, there are 20 simply good or below average others. Reading the reviews of “East of Sun” I witnessed a lot of overreactions and too sweet words that sadly reminded me of undeserved positive comments for Ghost. Of course Gatekeeper are not worthless. Especially after the arrival of Jean Pierre Abboud -that has proved himself with Borrowed Time (and Traveller for the, even more, underground fans)- who has improved the level of the compositions. Compositions that we have heard before but now they are re-worked again by Jeff Black who has wisely transformed his project into a real band and allows his ideas to be projected in a better way. And why not, in a bigger audience. The time difference that the tracks have been created creates a lack of consistency, but that doesn’t ruin it. I hear a lot of influences from Twisted Tower Dire and Omen and Manilla Road, with ounces of The Atlantean Kodex. They have courage, identity and if they work hard on their positive aspects that are apparent in their first offering (after several Eps and splits), especially in the compositional part that they failed to create something explosive, then they will surely be under our attention in the future again. Until then, keep calm guys…