Genre: Dirt fuckin’ Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Lighthouse records
Year: 2014

Things are so simple here that end up to be a sheer delight. The dirtiest band of the 90’s, the band whose musical clock is stuck on stuff like “Welcome To Hell”, ”Ace Of Spades” and “Day Of Wrath”, the band that, in my opinion, put out the best Heavy Metal lp of the 90’s (King Of The Sidewalk) is back and is really pissed off! Pissed off with 7-string guitars, 5-string basses, keyboards and 6 min songs! Fights, breaking the law, everything is here! After 11 years of absence, Gehennah is back with us again.

Their new ‘ep is called “Metal Police” and contains three hymns of hellish, the dirtiest of Heavy Metal plus a cover of the Dwarves classic “Fuck’em All”. With a professional but caterpillar-like sound, Motorhead influenced riffs, “Chuck Berry on steroids” leads and a voice which is graduate from the great “Lemmy High School of singing”, the dirty  4-piece is here to open the gutter. Not to empty it though, but to overflow it with dirty Heavy Metal. The older fans of the band may miss founding member and main composer bassist Ronnie Ripper but the new kid, Knuckleduster fits like a glove. Nothing to do but worship.