Artwork by: Dark Dungeons Atelier

One year after the release of their latest, highly acclaimed album Dealin’ Death VULTURE returns with a brand new, exclusive digital single. High Speed Metal has always been the slogan of the band, it was about time to dedicate a song to this self-explanatory style description. In classical VULTURE fashion, High Speed Metal meets all their fans expectations, high octane, fast and catchy Metal that will please any fan of Heavy, Speed and Thrash Metal! This song will surely become an instant live classic.

Watch the brand new video (directed by Victoria Star) for High Speed Metal HERE and stream the single on all digital platforms HERE!

Comments the band: “High Speed Metal is combining all the elements VULTURE’s about. Fast and thrashing riffs, drum fills from another world and fierce, deadly vocals! We’re happy to now not only have High Speed Metal as our slogan but also as a definite track that’ll melt front row faces on all upcoming shows!