Genre: Hardcore/Thrash Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Demons Run Amok
Year: 2014

It’s difficult to put into words the feeling about this band. When I first listened to their debut album entitled “Perdition” (2012) last summer, I sensed that the band was on the right way but just needed something more to take off. That missing part has finally been filled in by the Canadians, in their new album “No Peace In Hell” which seems that it comes straight from hell judging by the cover alone. In their comeback the band sounds fresh, bonded and to put it bluntly, better. From the very first seconds you can sense the album’s main characteristics; speed, directness, violence, darkness, melodies and many more. “No Peace In Hell” as well as “Perdition” are balancing in the thin line between Thrash Metal and Hardcore whilst the band’s influences are mainly old school groups from the above mentioned sub-genres such as Testament, Anthrax, Slayer, Strife, Integrity etc. This album has everything that you could ask for; groove thrash drumming, thrash and hardcore guitars riffs that trigger endless head banging, smart solos, switching lead and backing vocals and a superb production. Album’s top tracks are actually all of them since you cannot get bored listening to them all over again but pay some extra attention on the lyrics of “Erase the Scum,” on “Prime Evils” just after 1:55’ as well as the album’s fantastic instrumental outro “Season Of The Damned.” An album worth to listen!