Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence
Country: Hellas
Year: 2021

Ghetto Gospel is a new raw hardcore/power violence scheme coming from Central Greece and the city of Volos. Ghetto Gospel is featuring guys that also play in well-known bands of the local scene such as Downwinder, Dødsferd, Isolert, Sorgelig, My Turn, Faith-Threat among others. Named after the Tupac’s song of the same title,  as there is a part of the famous rapper song that opens and closes the album like an intro/outro sample. There’s also a dialogue taken from a cult Greek movie (named Spirtokouto that is translated to matchbox in English) that is used that works as a riot upstart slogan. Musically speaking the band managed to fill, in only 11 minutes that the EP lasts, all the hate and power they have inside and the variety of influences and sub genres they mixed, in a straight to the point and into your face attitude to a top notch quality result. They play fast, aggressive, hostile and sound old-school creating a proper proposition for those who digs NY Hardcore in the veins of Agnostic Front or 25 Ta Life and guitars which are either thrashy or then sometimes a bit punkish, still 100% raging. But personally speaking what I really enjoyed was the drumming of Nick S., that is ferocious yet not following a one-track-mind motive, as he has a plethora of rhythms under his belt. Excellent performance indeed! Highlights: “Scum”, “Last Warning” and “Losin’ The Fight”.  Check “The Price You Pay” below via their bandcamp page before you buy it!