Genre: Grunge / Post Rock
Country: Greece
Label: Fucking Your Creation Records
Year: 2022

Today I have something completely different for you guys. The well-known Wrath (Dødsferd, Drunk Motherfuckers, Grab and more), created Gin Lane in 2017 when he moved from Athen to Crete, so he could show us a different side of his, which is not only black metal. So, I present to you the band’s first release in the form of an EP, titled “Unpleasant Promises”. Let’s dive into it…

I will begin from the classics, which is the production. Clean, polished and sounding just right. Every instrument sounds as it should, without something overshadowing something else and I can definitely say that the EP’s atmosphere passes through, even in a not so easy genre to play. When someone walks down the grunge and post road, things are not so easy to play and do, but here we see that the job is 100% completed to perfection.

As compositions, we don’t have something extreme or complicated structure-wise and the songs are “simple” in the sense that they are on point. Overall, the band’s music is surrounded by darkness, something that Wrath (or Father Wrath as he is presented in this band) has us used to it, so for me it is not something strange or peculiar. To get exactly what I am trying to say, I will give you his own words taken straight off the press release: “Gin Lane represents death and desperation of a diseased community”. I don’t believe that we need to add something more to it, right?

Without many words, speaking to the genre’s fans, go for it without second thought. Speaking for me, they won me over.