Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Cult Metal Classics
Year: 2016

There are releases like that make me a fan of American Metal. Back in the 80’s I thought I was a know-it-all when it came to that genre. I was purchasing and loving whichever release reached Greece. And as I was listening to legendary bands like Manowar, Omen, Warlord, Cirith Ungol, Savage Grace, Manilla Road and so many others, I believed I knew it all and heard them all.  The 90’s though were a huge slap on my face when it came to the music and they made me realize that I have only discovered the tip of the iceberg (as cliché as that). You see, that was when I began scanning the lists of foreign sellers in search of the missing parts of my collection, which I believed weren’t that many. That was when my eyes opened and I realized there was a ton of 80’s releases, either DIY productions or productions released from small labels, which were actually diamonds of American metal and of which I had no idea of. And I dug in. One of the releases that made me lose my mind was a Glacier vinyl record. As usually I had bought that album by chance, thinking that even if I didn’t like it I could always resell it. Yet a big surprise was awaiting me. It was one of the best hidden secrets of the American scene. It was released back in the 80’s through a small French label and unfortunately went by unnoticed.glacier_box_big-300x300

This year’s rerelease gives credit to a band that was worthy but never managed to sign to a label that would promote them more. Too bad because they had nothing to envy from bands that are praised in the underground community even after so many years. What could I possibly write about their music? Pure American steel (okay, I admit that this is the day of clichés), never-ending solos, aggressive rhythms and flawless singing from all of the three singers. Summarizing, this is a classic album by a capable and tight band with more than capable musicians. I won’t pick a single track, perhaps “Vendetta” is their more popular but the rest of them are inconceivable hymns. Also, a comparison/similarity with other bands would be unfair to Glacier. For me, this is a must-have release, especially since the original vinyl costs a small fortune (and is hard to find). I rate this album with an easy 5 out of 6.