Label:Art Of Propaganda
Year: 2017

Gloson, from Halmstad, Sweden, a new five-member band releases its first full length album “Grimen” (2014), bringing with it many kilos of decay and quality in these 50 minutes of this lasting disc. Slow and medium-speed post metal-sludge riffs, followed by a bursting, full-intensity rhythm section and sometimes by slow pleasantly torturing passes (and yet there is also pleasing music torture for us masochists) the soul and the mind combined with those extraordinary death metal vocals (spitting a little hell yet) that match perfectly with music and come to a result able to catch you from the neck and stick you to the wall for good.

That musical beast has great designs and appears to stay in our memories. Moody, dark with evil vibes will scatter you with every note. It is unnecessary to sit down to analyze the tracks separately or mention highlights as the album is badass from the beginning to the end, just play and you will understand …

Y.Γ. The fans of Cult Of Luna, Neurosis and Isis have many reasons to be satisfied …